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Project Description

The Language Teaching and Testing Center (LTTC) and the Graduate Institute of Linguistics (GIL) at National Taiwan University (NTU) have been collaborating since 2007 on the construction of the LTTC English Learner Corpus. This project is directed by Dr. Hintat Cheung (NTU) and is co-directed by Dr. Zhao-Ming Gao (NTU) and Dr. Siaw-Fong Chung (National Chengchi University).

The project members include:

  1. Ms. Hui-Hsin Monica Tan (the program assistant, 2010-now)
  2. Ms. Sally Chen (PhD student, 2007-now)
  3. Ms. Chih-Yi Wu (PhD student, 2007-now)
  4. Dr. Sophia Skoufaki (the postdoctoral research associate, 2009-10)
  5. Ms. Sumei Chen (the program assistant, 2009-10)
  6. Ms. Shanju Lin (the program assistant, 2008-9)